People need to see their heroes. Representation gives girls a first hand view at 
what their future could look like.

Introducing the first ever WNBA lock in. Girls can learn from WNBA talent,
 make basketball friends, and explore the world of basketball.​​​​​​​
Each WNBA Team will host a girls lock-in at their own team facility. This will reach a wide audience and introduce girls to
basketball in various regions in the US.​​​​​​​
Introducing: Basketball
Giving young girls the chance to see professionals up close and personal for an extended period of time 
will immerse them in a new world and culture they’ll fall in love with.​​​​​​​
The WNBA Lock in is an experience. Along with the Lock In itself, attendees will have access to limited edition Nike
designed apparel created for the event. 
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