During the pandemic, the adoption rate of dogs skyrocketed. With people returning back
into the office, adoption is back in a low period. So how can we get dogs adopted again?
Dogs are naturally emotional supportive to humans. Any size and breed can technically be a
emotional support animal.

Better Help partners with Pedigree to help patients see the value of
dog therapy. As sessions continue, Better Help provides assistance for those 
looking to integrate a friend into their journey. 

detailed Introduction
While signing up, BetterHelp will ask users if they are interested in pet influenced therapy.
Guided Introduction
As users undergo therapy sessions, dogs will be introduced virtually to make a safe and healthy transition into 
caring for a dog. Members will be able to get a dog until authorized and approved by the therapist. ​​​​​​​
Thorough Introduction

Once the patient is eligible for the dog, Pedigree will provide them will financial assistance and various deals on 
things to help take care of the dog. The more milestones someone accomplishes, the more deals they will unlock 
for their dog. 
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