People like to listen to the same things their idols are listening to. Musicians can have a
huge influence on the content fans indulge with. People are creatures of  routine and habit.
Without guidance they will not branch off and explore new sounds. 

In a new Spotify feature for Carplay only, verified artists may now go live in the
car so that fans can simultaneously hear the music that artist play in the car.  
In a carplay only feature, users will be able to tune into their favorite artists live to 
see the music they play as they’re also in vehicle.
Carplay Exclusive 
Spotify to highlight Carplay Sessions 
to optimize usage of Spotify in the car.

Playlist Downloads
Following the car sessions, users will be able 
to download playlist of songs played by 
featured guest during session.

“Carplay Sessions” :30 
Visual Statistic + VO: “We spend 70 billion hours behind the 
wheel each year. That includes our favorite artists.”

“Don’t you want to hear what they’re hearing?”

*shots of various famous musicians playing music in their car*

“Introducing Spotify Carplay Sessions: jam with your favorite artist. 
Now available.”

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