Communication from small to large level is now easier than ever. Brands are 
collaborating with regular people as much as they are with professionals.

Telfar FW 2023 
Telfar lets public create entire show. Through a dedicated rollout and release plan, 
Telfar will generate real time participation and challenges for the audience to be 
able to get involved for their work to be featured in the next show. People will submit
 their ideas in anticipation for the final reveal of the collection at NYFW.​​​​​​​
1.Telfar will announce on social media 
tech pack templates, including color
palettes, patterns and textures for the
fans to choose from. 

2. Telfar will host multiple live sessions
where hands on critique will occur
including more details relating to the
upcoming show. Finalists will also 
be chosen. 

3. Telfar will collaborate with the top 
entries to create the products for the 
show and feature them on a livestream 
for anyone to see. 

Engagement will be encouraged through everyone on every platform for a chance to be in the show as well 
as learn from Telfar himself.  Along with the collection will be a small limited series featuring the best entries to 
promote engagement and inclusivity.
When it is show time, unlike other shows Telfar will live broadcast their show across various social platforms 
including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Amazon Prime.

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