Overview:  I created Bottom Magazine essentially because I feel like there is a lot of really cool things going on that often go overlooked. This is chance to get a more personal look into my life and the things I love!
Along with the release of the magazine will be a poster collection. Each poster was made to explain how society affects different people in their own personal lives.
There are good magazines everywhere, so how could I make mine different? Adding my own illustrations was a way to speak to the user without saying too much.

I personally created and interviewed some of my favorite people for these articles. I made all the content! Editorial design, illustration, copywriting, all of it! This is not just filler content. I did the research and handcrafted everything in this magazine. It felt like a good way for them to be able to tell their stories for the first time.
I decided to release this magazine into the wild for the world to see. Within the first weekend it received tons of love, and hundreds of views! This magazine is also the first of many. 
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