The Dakota app is the only app which is specialized in personal finance assistant to create smarter 
and easier financial decisions.
Saving and budgeting money can be a difficult task. Keeping track of accounts and budgets on a 
daily basis adds a lot of unnecessary stress. 
Dakota is the personal assistance that keeps your money in check and helps you when you need it. 
Friendly, fun, and designed to cater to YOUR needs.

Dakota is a completely customizable experience, no two users will experience the same version. 

Talk to Dakota to to get live updates on your financial accounts, or even if you just need a friend. 

Track saving and spending goals real time with professional insight and planning on the path to reach more financial success. 
Based on the type of the content on the screen, Dakota will change a color gradient to match the tone and manner of the conversation.

Before you make any unordinary transactions, Dakota will confirm. Friends take care of friends! 

Dakota is really more than just a financial app. Dakota is there when you need them. Even just 
for a joke!

Even when the user is not in the app they can access Dakota just by speaking to their device. 
Design and Direction: Josh Walker & Heawon Oh
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