Role: Graphic Designer, Art Director, Copywriter, Storyboard Illustrator
Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Scope of Work: Logo Rebrand, Stationery Design, Printed Signage, Commercial Storyboard Concept, Brand Guideline Book
Identity framework for a Michigan based non profit focused on addressing and creating positive community growth and development. The identity was built around creating a strong logo and messaging to convey MCCF's commitment to enhancing quality of life for all.
The identity conveys the importance of brand notoriety and professionalism within the community  and throughout the county.
A commercial was into production to show the lifecycle of a donation. The message is that anyone can make a difference with any amount of help they can provide. Production of the commercial was shut down due to COVID-19.
Design and Direction: Josh Walker & Heawon Oh & Amanda Waack
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